The objective of the UGC Networking and Resource Centre is to foster research and provide training in furthering higher education in Colleges and Universities  nationwide. The UGC of India is a statutory body set up by the Indian union government in accordance with the UGC Act 1956 under the Ministry of Human Resource Development and is charged with coordination, determination and maintenance of standards of Higher Education. Exposure to modern facilities, latest techniques and training to post-graduates, researchers, entry- and mid-level faculty in the academic domain, the University Grants Commission (UGC) has selected the PGGC-46 for momentous task of establishing the afore-mentioned 'Resource Networking Centre.' Major objectives are listed below:

Research, training and skills development of the faculty and research scholars through periodic discussion, workshop and summer/winter classes.

Allowing access to advanced facilities at PGGC-46  to researchers from other institutes/universities to carryout key experiments.

Augmentation of research skills and to mentor them

Providing quality research information to other researchers/institutes.

Build state of the art in-house research infrastructure and other research facilities.

Rules and Regulations at UGC Networking and Resource Centre 

1. Computer labs are for use by PGGC-46 Chandigarh students, faculty and staff.

2. Computers are available for student use on a first-come, first-serve basis.

3. Computers are available for student use on a first-come, first-serve basis.

4. Playing GAMES is not permitted.

5. Students use computers taking care of them as their own property.

6. For any hardware problem, report to be made to the Lab-In-charge.

7. Copying software is illegal. Don’t do it.

8. Students should use computers taking care of them as their own property.

9. Hacking (attempting to gain unauthorized access to secured content, violation of system policies, virus creation or propagation, etc.) is prohibited.

10. Absolutely NO food is permitted in the lab.

11. Cell phones must be on "Silent Mode". No outgoing calls are permitted.

12. Library is not responsible for your personal data saved in computer.

13. All Data will be removed/formatted after a month.

14. For any hardware problem, report to the Lab-In-charge.

Computer abuse/misuse WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Individuals found abusing computing facilities may be subject to immediate suspension of computing privileges. Examples of misuse/abuse are, but not limited to:

Illegal copying of copyrighting software, music or videos

Unauthorized installation or removal of software or files

Tampering with system configuration

The unauthorized connection or disconnection of any computer or device to any network outlet, cable or device other than those that are specifically designated as a student or public network access points Bypassing or attempting to circumvent security or software metering measures

Computer fraud, bullying, or harassment

Use of computer or network resources for commercial purposes

Activities that unnecessarily use network bandwidth or storage